Training Overview

A course in MyoFascial Bodywork, Muscle-Activation, & Forrest Yoga on how to get out of pain and improve functional movement.

Part 1  Earth & Water - Getting Grounded & Getting Fluid

Part 1 - A 10 day, 100 hour training in Anatomy and Bodywork that applies to Yoga. We teach a combination of muscle activation, myo-fascial bodywork, and yoga training that is pain-specific and leads to improved functional movement. Our course is a multi-disciplined approach teaching students to see and work holistically with body/mind/spirit through the mediums of Yoga & Bodywork Therapies.

Daily Format begins with 2.5 hour Forrest Yoga Morning Intensive followed by 5.5 hour Afternoon Yoga Bodyworkers Training = 80 Hours

Post-Training:  2 Group Skype Sessions & 4 Case Studies with Clinical Practice = 20 hours

A Hands-on Study of:

The 12 major Structural Muscles

  • How these 12 muscles affect everything in the body.

  • How to use Yoga & Bodywork to balance them

The Musculo-Fascial-Skeletal System

  • Connective Tissue and the migrational pathways of tension in relation to: injury & pain, postural type, and emotional charge 

Structural Assessment & Seeing Skills Training  

  • MyoFascial Meridians - seeing body-wide relationships of tension transmission

  • Wholistic/3-D Anatomy vs. Mechanistic/ Linear Anatomy

Feeling Skills Training

  • Feeling within our web - Fascial Sensing & Muscle Reading 

Bodywork Training

  • MyoFascial Release, Muscle Activation, Hands-on Assisting in Yoga Asana

Yoga - Daily Forrest Yoga Intensive

  • Whole training is taught in ways that apply to Yoga

Dates: Part 1 -Earth & Water - Getting Grounded & Getting Fluid

  •   April 26-May 6 - Asheville, North Carolina -  register

  •   October 5-14 - Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England - register

  •   November 21-30 - China - register

Part 2 - Fire & Air - Sequencing for Transformation

  • Coming 2017....